The Chinese culture is not the only culture to enjoy ginger's flavor. Egyptian and Roman diets both included the spice. Marco Polo even commented on ginger when documenting his travels along China's silk route.

Though the Chinese share the spice with other cultures, their use of ginger stands far above the rest. Garlic and ginger are both typically essential in Chinese cuisine. Ginger is integrated into most dishes, from stews to stir-fries, to give the dish a unique tang. Beyond its seasoning quality, ginger is packed with Vitamin C. Gingers on 7th Avenue serves up delicious cuisine to its neighborhood visitors specializing in Noodle Soup and Roast Duckling. With just shy of a thousand menu items, you're sure to find something to please your palette. Don't miss the lunch specials for under $7. Order from Ginger's to learn how the Chinese put ginger on the map.

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